Why Invest Now?

I have been investing into the Philippine Stock Market for 1 year and 4 months now and so far so good. My investments are running smooth each year without putting so much effort into it and a lot of patience and trusting. Deciding to be financially equipped has made my life great and made me looking forward to the future with great hopes that I would wake up one day becoming a multimillionaire (I still laugh whenever I say this). My life changed because I now know how to handle my finances – giving 10% to tithes, 20% for investments and living 70% of my income.

So I just received an email today from my Stock Market broker – COL Financial, a credit adjustment (a.k.a. Cash/Payment). This was due to the latest Tender Offer made by LRI selling their shares to ACHI. So this would mean money for me, lol! YaY!!! Money that should not be withdrawn but to be invested again.

Just received a Notice of Credit Adjustment

I recently attended a seminar in Cebu last September 10 conducted by my favorite broker COL Financial (I know I’m a little biased here). It was entitled COL Fund Source – the First Fund Supermarket in the Philippines and we were taught on how to pick the right investment for the future. We shop for grocery items, department store sales, etc. but we don’t shop for our future, sad but true. So why should we invest now? Because it’s the best thing to do in preparation for your retirement/travel/house/car – depends on what your goal is. I’ve learned that the problem is not being able to have money (there are plenty of jobs available in the country) but to deploy that money into investments. What we don’t know is that we should make use of time when the market is down because shares are more affordable. Yes, the market might take a while to recover but please take note into consideration that we are long time investors here. We believe that money grows over time.

Photos of the event.

COL Fund Source - the First Fund Supermarket in the Philippines.

6 Financial Experts

COL Fund Source - the First Fund Supermarket in the Philippines.

With Miguel & April – so tall OMG!

COL Fund Source - the First Fund Supermarket in the Philippines.

Yours truly, I don’t usually look like a little girl. LOL!

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Facebook Page Optimization

Facebook Page Optimization

1. Optimize About section of FB, should include SEO:

keywords, link to the website/lead magnet

keywords – product/service + location + what value clients will gain from your company/services

Short Description, Impressium and Long Description – always put keywords, website link and CTA

2. • Optimize Profile Photo

o Logo or will create an image for Business Branding
o Includes image SEO and description SEO
o Includes link to a lead magnet

3. • Optimize Timeline Cover Photo*
o Create a cover photo with benefit statement and for Business Branding
o Includes image SEO and description SEO
o Includes link to a lead magnet
o Update Call to Action Button

For Photos to use & Editing:

*Use canva.com, picmonkey or Adobe Photoshop on creating those images (aim is better). I will also use appropriate FREE images from stock photo sites to prevent any copyright issues (e.g. pixabay, canva, bigfoto, creativecommons, etc.)

4. Update Call to Action Button

5. Create at least 5-7 Status updates so that potential customers may see value on the page and gain trust.


o Images
o Links
o Quote Box
o Videos
o News
o Book or other resources
o Lead magnets
o Discounts, if applicable

Pacquiao-Mayweather Lessons from Tonight’s Webinar

Pacquiao-Mayweather Lessons from Jomar :

  1. Know the rules, find out the loop holes.
  2. Don’t hug/arm lock. According to the boxing rule book, you can hug but not all the time, and there is no penalty.
  3. Another Rule: Percentage of misses and hints . Look for Floyd Mayweather Power Hug on YT.
  4. The hugging was designed to stop the fight and reset the positions of the players.

It wasn’t entertaining because there was no drama. What do you prefer drama or money?

BIG LESSON:  The abundant life is difficult and boring. Learn the game. Choose  120 million dollars without getting hurt or 80 million dollars na bogbog ka?

Thanks Jomar, I’m not bitter anymore.. hehehe! Congrats Gayweather, Manny you’re still number one!

That’s why it’s called the Fight of the Century. LoL! The game is evolving and that’s why we need to educate ourselves.  🙂

Landing Page Creation

I just created a Landing Page in less than an hour. Yeahooo! I’m so proud of myself. Next would be to create a thank you page.

I thank my online mentor Jomar Hilario for creating a step-by-step tutorial on the training. This made my life super easy! Yay!

By the way, if you are interested he is conducting a weekly FREE webinar every Monday at 9PM. Join us here and let’s have some fun!

Screenshot 2015-03-30 14.26.40

Creating a Facebook Ad Marketing Plan

Apparently, it is very important to study the in’s-and-out’s of the business you want to market. This will drive customers to your site, product and services.

Here I am creating a marketing plan for my facebook ad and of course I’ll start marketing the product of my most favorite and trusted mentor Bo Sanchez. His businesses are amazing, it’s life-changing! This will be the first of more to come.

I was inspred to pursue this after I’ve read Anik Singal’s e-book entitled “The Circle of Profit, How to turn your passion into $1Million”. A must-read book that I personally recommend to you. I somehow relate to Anik’s struggles when he was still starting as an entrepreneur.

How fantastic is that? Pursuing your dreams while making a profit out of it. I’m so thrilled and excited to be starting this journey today.

I was working part-time since the last quarter of 2014 because of things that I had to prioritize first. Now I’m free!!! Wohooo! Join me in my journey as I travel my way to the entrepreneurial world. I would be needing some of your help and support.

So after this, I’m going to make a facebook ad using the latest cutting-edge technology, Power Editor. So excited to be sharing with you my results when the first ad goes live. So watch out for that.

Finally, I’m going to share with you brother Bo’s daily inspirational message today.


Stress is the number one killer in the country today. According to Wikipedia, stress can be defined as “the body’s response to a stressor such as an environmental condition or stimulus”. It is a method of reacting to a challenge. Stress may impose a good impact to the body, as it activates our fight or flight response therefore, it triggers us to make an unexpected act. But, if these stress triggering factors become so rapid, frequent and remain unresolved, it may pose a serious threat to physical and emotional health.

The most common causes of stress are job-related, relationships, financial issues and health problems. Also, a person is having a difficulty managing busy schedules.

The following plans will help you effectively manage and reduce stress.


1. Identify the sources of stress in your life

It is very important to assess the sources of stress in your life. Your officemates may be the culprit of stress at work, or the pile of work that faces you early in the morning, could be the deadline your boss is setting up. These are some of the factors to consider that can absolutely help you in managing stress. I suggest you list the problems that impede your day to day living, put it in a journal, keep it with you the whole day as the list may grow as you identify them. After identifying the problem, think of ways on how you could solve them. For example, scheduling the tasks by setting the allotted time slots every day. As they say, successful people plan their day well. Keep this as a daily habit and I guarantee you stress will be eradicated gradually.


2. Change your emotional response to stress

This is very effective in relieving anxiety. Face the problem that is long been bothering you. Doing the things that bother you first thing in the morning can help alleviate the odd feeling. Getting the root of the problem, working on it until you get the appropriate solution is the key. Once resolved, you will not be thinking of it the whole day. Identifying and doing the most difficult task is advisable since the remaining tasks are easy to do and it will be a lot easier to handle.


3. Always embrace positivity

Study shows that the most successful people have an optimistic view towards the future. Instead of saying that the job is difficult, say to yourself that you can do it and it will be easy. Be very positive all the time because the more positive you are the more chances of the universe favoring you. The more positive you become every day, the more you get closer to your dreams. Avoid the negative thoughts that are surrounding you.


4. Be with like-minded people

Look for people that is willing to support your needs all the way. Surrounding yourself with people who share the same sentiments with you is great in managing stress. It is good to mingle to friends with the same attitude, goals and ambitions in life. Choose your friends wisely, be with people who are positive and has a unique way of dealing with life’s stressors. Avoid those friends who doesn’t believe in you and those that are not a good influence in your life. Remain friends with them, greet them but avoid hanging out with them. This is a challenge at first but once you get accustomed to it, it will surprisingly change your life.


5. Look for mentors

Seek for people who are already doing what you love doing. They are happy and carefree. They can help you achieve your dreams and share their life experiences. Start by looking for famous people in your country. Motivational speakers and authors often conduct a seminar. Great videos are also found in sites like youtube. Watch it and find a way to apply the learnings as much as possible. Do what they are doing, acquire their knowledge. Most often, they will share their failures in the past and the things they have done to overcome those failures. Most of them are now reaping the rewards of their efforts and share them to people like you who wants to succeed in life.


6. Read self-help books

It is recommended to read 5 books each week. This is one of the habits of successful people. If this overwhelms you, try to start with 1 book per week first. Read books on how you can overcome stress in your life. Also, motivational books that will help you get your attention to whatever is your goal. Educate your self, this is the key to success. As Jim Rohn says, “You do not need motivation to speed you up, what you need is Education to turn you around”. Instead of lingering on your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you, why not invest in education or attend seminars that may help you forget your unpleasant thoughts. Write a book about the heartaches you are experiencing, who knows that book might be a way of sharing the world your insights on how you overcame your brokenness and might profit on it.


7. Exercise regularly

Doing aerobic exercises really help in reducing stress through the toxic sweats that is released from the body when you move. Go for a walk around the neighborhood at least 30 minutes each day, three times a week. This is one thing we procrastinate but gives a huge impact to our overall health. The more you feel good about your body, the more confident you become. Alternate it with relaxation techniques and breathing exercises which you will find in Yoga.Taking deep breaths is the best way of removing toxins in the body. The key thing here is commitment and doing what is hard, but doing it anyway. Don’t let your mind dictate your body, let your body dictate your mind. Develop a daily routine and stick to the adhered schedule.


8. Eat a healthy diet

You are what you eat. What’s unique with us, is that when we feel sick we immediately self-medicate and introduce artificial solution to the body not realizing that the key to a healthy lifestyle is eating the right kind of food. We can avoid these diseases that cause us to worry about our health. Fruitify your breakfast and vegefy your lunch and dinner. Start your day right by eating a variety of fresh fruits every morning. Fruits should be eaten alone to let the body utilize its’ effectiveness because it only takes 30 minutes for them to be digested. Therefore, the optimal effect can be experience faster. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that aids in alleviating stress and fight organism that cause diseases. Next, eat green leafy vegetables at lunch and dinner. The amount of meat eaten must equal the amount of vegetable ingested in the body. This is the principle of eating a balanced diet.


9. Increase fluid intake

It is recommended to drink 3 litres of water per day. Water removes the toxins in our body through sweat and urination. The amount of water also differs from each individual, so it is very important to note that volume per volume replacement is necessary. Carry small containers of water with you every day, place a measurement to the amount of water you will drink per hour.


10. Get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the biggest factor affecting stress. When we lack sleep, we tend to think irrationally and the body is rather acting weird. We need to adequately fuel our minds and body by getting 8 hours of sleep every day. It is also important to know that the body is repairing itself from 10pm until 3am. So, sleep must be done during these hours when the body is doing its’ natural defense mechanism. Moreover, 20-minute power naps during the day is also encouraged.


11. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs

These alternative chemicals are very harmful to the body. It may temporarily relieve stress but, facing the culprit is the most effective way of dealing with stress. Address the problem bravely with a clear mind.


12. Reduce drinking coffee and softdrinks

Recent study shows that caffeine is bad for the health. Try reducing the amount of coffee you drink each day, gradually tapering it down until your body is getting used to it. Replace it by drinking tea and fruit juices.


13. Do what makes you happy

Spend time with your loved ones, play with your pet, talk to a few of your trusted friends and share your sentiments. Reward yourself. Go shopping if it makes you happy. But be careful not to spend too much, you might not want to see your credit card bill full of debts. Listen to your favorite music, if dancing is your passion do it then. Some people also relieved their stress through painting.


14. Join small caring groups

Let us not forget that praying and meditating is one of the most effective way in coping with stress. Join a small caring group in your community, commit yourself in attending to it weekly. Pray and ask help from God.

Finally, I’m leaving you with a passage from the Bible. This is from the book of Sirach 30:14-15, It is better to be poor, but strong and healthy, than to be rich, but poor in health. A sound, healthy body and a cheerful attitude are more valuable than gold and jewels.

An Awesome Leap to My VA Career


Last, January 28 I purchase a new training called the VA 202 Work at Home/Business Gold Rush presented by Jomar Hilario and Jay McLean. Two of the most awesome, Online Marketer/Business Coach in the Philippines. In this training, Facebook Advertising using Power Editor, LinkedIn Marketing and Google Drive Systems Management are the significant skills highlighted. This is an additional skill to my VA career as I learned that the more skills you have, the more chances of you getting hired and it increases your income. This is just one of the many trainings I need. My goal is to get everything I could take in order to attain my life’s greatest plan. This training is quite expensive I had to think of it over and over again but came to a decision to get it because, I’m definitely sure this is what I want. I’ve never been this persistent my whole life.

So, in this training I am mainly focusing on Facebook Advertising. I’ve watched all the recorded videos from the Pre-Event Webinars, the 2-day Live event recorded seminars and just recently we had our follow up webinar. I also downloaded all of the materials in my hard drive including the amazing PDF’s. I can absolutely say that this training is super Amazing!!! And totally worth it!!!

After watching and understanding those videos, it’s time to apply all the learnings I gained. Most of these skills are very technical which is challenging but I like it. From identifiying your Business’ Promise (you see, revolving in the Social Media world of Marketing, techniques and strategies are important) creating Landing Pages from Unbounce and Lead Pages, integrating a third party app that will store emails, editing the perfect Image for your Ad with the 20% text adherence of Facebook, Creating the Facebook Ad, Getting the Conversion Tracking Pixel and creating a Thank you page in blogging sites like WordPress (hosted), Tumblr and Blogger. These are few of the tasks I’m going to make, quite overwhelming right? But, yes I can do this.

Next step would be to apply everything and run the ad for a day, detecting and tracking reports, the lists goes on and on. I will also be posting the results here so we can exchange thoughts and ideas. What Ad are you currently running? Want to share thoughts and ideas? Comment them below. So, until next time. We can do this and Have a great day ahead!

The New Trend in the Market Today

Ever heard of Facebook Boost and Power Editor? These are two of the most powerful tool the world of Facebook Advertising is using today. How important it is and which one is better? Continue reading.

Late of last year, Facebook has announced that they would be limiting the number of post in Facebook pages for the reason that selling has become so rampant that it uses Facebook as a market and would deplete the purpose of people staying connected. And so, they impose that selling and advertising will solely use Facebook ads. They also get to profit in this strategy which is brilliant as the number one social media platform ever existed. Notice the sponsored pages in your news feed? Yes, those are the ads I’m talking about.

Let’s compare the difference between the Boosted Post and Power Editor. Boost is straightforward but with less options, seems simpler and more direct to the point. Power Editor seems like there’s so much to do and has too many clicks.

But here’s the catch, Power Editor can target by device ex. desktop, mobile (iOS, Android or both). Any mobile user (data plan) or only those connected through WiFi. It lets you have control over those details. Target by audience, interests, lookalike audience and website visitor. You can stalk to your clients legally without knowing who they are. You can get Facebook to remind your clients to buy from you everyday even though you don’t know who they are. Track website conversions- is ad effective, did audience buy, subscribe or left? With the use of the Conversion Pixel that Facebook provides. Note: You cannot use this on Facebook Boost. Conversion, shows you which ad you should keep. As Robin Sharma says, What gets measured, gets improved. Starting cost would only be $1 per day and a guarantee 1500-3900 audience reach.

Boosted Post focus on reach, not on your objective. So, If you are a Business Owner or Expert Virtual Marketer you can help increase the sales of your client and bring more customers through Facebook Power Editor Advertising.

A Webinar Invitation

One fine afternoon of February 2, 2015, I received an unexpected message coming from my Co-Virtual Assistant, Ralph through Facebook. I thought this was an ordinary conversation since we VA’s (Virtual Assistants) communicate to each other on a regular basis in our Jomar Hilario Mastery Group or specially when we have questions regarding our assignments and VA gig adventures. Let me further explain this by showing a screenshot of the invitation.



Me: Have a nice day, Ralph! Please excuse myself because I’ll be studying my VA202 Training. Chat soon!

Ralph: Okay, have a nice day too! By the way, this is a late notice but can you be the guest sharer later at 3pm in the Ask Me Anything Webinar? I was asked to be a Co-host and I’m looking for other Virtual Assistant who could share.

And I was like Woah! I did not know what to react at first but, this is an opportunity I can never miss. This is a blessing and I have to accept this. To be able to share my life and experiences is a great blessing. So, I said Yes in like 15 minutes of battling with myself. I said to myself I can do this, this is an opportunity I’ve long been waiting. For the past months, I have been an avid fan of my mentor’s live webinar, listening to insightful ideas as well as stories from successful VA’s, reaping their rewards after their well-deserved hard work. Sometimes, I’m imagining myself to be in their shoes, practicing my script and dreaming of a VA gig (I started my VA journey last year). But, now it’s going to be me, How cool is that?! (Oh My Gracious Saint Ignacius!) Dreams do come true!

The reason why they contacted me is because of a recent post I did on our Facebook Mastery Group. My mentor saw it and shared the message in our page. (Oh, another blessing!)


I’m just so happy that my client in Elance wants to continue our project. After the long wait, it’s here. Earning American dollars and realizing my dreams in becoming an awesome VA. The pay is not that huge but not bad for a start. As they say, Great things come from humble beginnings. This gig is about Identifying Highlights in a Podcast, the length of the clip must be 17 seconds and a decent title must be created. This job is super easy for me since I’m used to listening to the Podcasts of my mentor Jomar Hilario and the hard to find seminars of Michael Senoff. All I can say is, if you want something, Think about it, Dream for it, Work hard for it and Never stop until you get it.

So, without further a do, here’s the recorded replay of the webinar. I hope you enjoy listening to my stories. Let me know in the comments bar below if you did share the same sentiments with me when you were also starting as a Virtual Assistant. See you on my next update and I wish you all the success in life! Believe in Yourself!


Edited Soulfood Nov 2011Part of my early morning routine is to read emails from mentors. This one struck me the most and I’d like to share it with you. This article though was published last year in December but got tangled under drafts. So happy to finally be able to publish it.

Note: This article is solely taken from Bo Sanchez email newsletter.

Some people read the newspaper every morning.

And first thing in the morning, they watch News on TV.

They fill their minds with the latest exposes. The latest politician caught in graft. The latest violence in the world.

While maneuvering through traffic, they listen to the same bad news on radio.

And during lunchtime, with officemates, they become expert political analysts. They discuss who clown said what foolishness.

And everyday, they arrive at the same conclusion: Our country is going to the dogs.

After work, they go home and unwind in front of the TV set.

What will they watch? A review of the bad things they already know, blow-by-blow, in full action, color, and sound effects.

And we wonder why we’re miserable.

And we wonder why we’re getting sick.

And we wonder why we’re not earning more money.

And we wonder why we can’t start our own little business.

And we wonder why we’re not growing spiritually.

May I suggest a new way of feeding our minds?

Every morning, I read a few verses from the Bible.

I hear God tell me that He loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life. I open myself to the pacific ocean of blessings all around me that day!

When I exercise, I listen to inspirational teachings.

When I meet my friends, we don’t complain about how bad the country is. We do things together! We build life-giving communities in far-flung provinces. We create inspirational media. We build homes for orphans and the abandoned elderly. We reach out to the broken and wounded.

Personally, I also start tiny businesses that create jobs, and in the process, feed their families.

Because complaining is useless. It’s a total waste of energy, time, and saliva. I’m too busy making this country great by the little things that I do everyday.

This country will be great not by any politician. This country will be great if you’ll make it great. If everyone lights just one little candle, what a bright world this will be.

Merry Christmas, my dearest friend.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Thanks for reading! Any thoughts? Then, right your comments below. God bless!